DBHIDS Learning Hub Privacy Agreement

Please read the Terms and Conditions for using the DBHIDS Learning Hub and check the box to indicate that you understand and agree to the following: 

  • Educational Records: As training course registrant and learner, I authorize the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (“DBHIDS”), Community Behavioral Health (“CBH”),  the Behavioral Health Training and Education Network (“BHTEN”), and my employer(s) to collect and maintain information related to my educational and employment training records, hereafter referred to as “Educational Records”. I understand that my Educational Records will be stored for at least seven years in secured facilities. Educational Records shall include my first and last name, email address, employer, job title, unit, manager, and training course completion dates. Educational Records shall not include social security number, driver’s license number, or any financial account, credit card or debit card numbers. DBHIDS and BHTEN are responsible for ensuring Educational Records are current, accessible and confidential. DBHIDS and BHTEN believe in the confidentiality of Educational Records and learner information and will release or disclose Educational Records to third parties only at the request of the learner. Such requests must be submitted in writing or electronically. All Educational Records are password protected.
  • Course Registration:  Training through the DBHIDS Learning Hub is hosted and coordinated through a management team comprised of DBHIDS, CBH and BHTEN employees, hereafter referred to as the “Training Team”. As training course registrant and learner, I authorize the Training Team to have access to my Educational Records for the purpose of managing training course enrollments and recording course completion information. 
  • Continuing Education Units: I understand that my Educational Records will be shared with Continuing Education Unit (CEU) accrediting bodies upon request to document credentialing and licensure requirements have been met. Educational Records may only be accessed by authorized administrators of DBHIDS, CBH, BHTEN or the learner’s employer via use of protected usernames and passwords. Please note that not all courses in the Learning Hub provide CEUs. Please read the individual course description.
  • Profile Information: I agree to provide accurate information in this form. Should my profile information (i.e. email address, employer agency, job title) change, I will complete the Profile Information Update form. 
  • Notifications: By creating an account, I understand that I will periodically receive notifications from the system such as new content availability and password reset emails.
  • Account Management: My account may become unauthorized after remaining inactive for more than 12 months. We reserve the right to remove your account from the Learning Hub if you have created an account that does not meet the identified criteria. 

I have read the above authorizations and understand them. I agree to the terms and conditions listed above.